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Marzo de 2021

NPE 2021 Virtual Seminars in Spanish Agenda

The academic agenda includes conferences on digitalization, circular economy and energy efficiency.

NPE 2021:The Plastics Show was cancelled, however, the magazines Tecnología del Plástico, El Empaque+Conversión and Reportero Industrial, in collaboration with NPE, have joined forces to conduct in virtual format the seminars in Spanish that traditionally took place within the framework of the event. 

NPE 2021 Virtual Seminars in Spanish will be held on June 29-30, 2021. At the event, attendees — decision-makers from the plastics industry — will have the opportunity to update themselves on key trends and technologies in digitalization, sustainability, circular economy and energy efficiency.

NPE 2021 Virtual Seminars in Spanish - Day one

Digitalization, process innovation and industry 4.0 Solutions to face the challenges of the Latin American plastics industry

  1. Industry 4.0 solutions to increase efficiency and product traceability in plastics converting companies
  2. Molding solutions and tools to increase productivity and integrate functionality in plastic components
  3. Innovative materials for the challenges of the future: electric mobility and digitization
  4. Strategies for efficient energy management in plastic transformation facilities

NPE 2021 Virtual Seminars in Spanish - Day two

Sustainability and innovation in plastic packaging. The transition to the circular economy

  1. 100% recyclable packaging solutions, responding to performance needs in Latin America.
  2. Recycling technologies and solutions to close the cycle in plastic materials.
  3. Barrier technologies to improve packaging performance without sacrificing recyclability.
  4. Success stories in the circular economy in plastic packaging.

The digital event will take place on June 29 and 30 and you can attend for free only by registering through the website, where you can also check more information about the event.

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