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Maintenance in times of COVID and no COVID

By: Jorge Granada, Director of New Business Development at Knar Global.

The harsh price we are paying for COVID, it will serve as the bucket of cold water that motivates us to think differently.

What to do?

If throughout this article, boss "x" did not come to mind saying, "no budget", he was not reading carefully. It is our way of interpreting reality, and of understanding and attending to our own technology, that now plays as an element that binds us to the hands of trying to preserve productivity in this pandemic era, and it makes everything more annoying.

After a sedentary life, getting up one morning and pretending to win a marathon is not possible; simply wanting it or urgently needing it does not magically transform our body into that of an elite athlete.

Of course, we need to make industrial processes feasible in this COVID mode that we had to face, that only that wanting it, or wanting it too much now does not make much difference. Capabilities are a theme of historical skills development, industries understanding and approaching work with 21st century thinking, which COVID fortunately puts right in front of our faces, without us being able to see past it.

Personally, I do not see any magic recipes when it comes to the producer apparatus itself. This device is not going to magically mutate, now that we need it to be something it never was.

Much can be done, of course, if, by protecting staff with sanitary rules, but that is not going to solve the fact that we have an industrial apparatus that, as evidenced by the declining trade balance with which we start this article, does not sufficiently attract the buyers of the world.

Take advantage, esteemed reader, of the opportunity given by COVID to invest in computer visibility into the production processes and its failure modes. Use this wave of thought where everything is "COVID" to strengthen the competencies of technicians and engineers so that understanding in depth the operation and failure of each asset minimize the exposure of personnel in the field.

COVID is not our problem; our problem was to lag it technologically. So, let us use COVID, with its large media deployment, to make our structural fallacies visible and resolved.

Now, beyond contingency, what needs to be achieved is to increase the level of self-demand, with respect to knowledge of the asset in the context of the business. That way, we will stop being the sustainers called repeatedly to solve the problem every day, and we will become the protagonists of the assurance of performance in industrial business!

COVID or not COVID, our task is to get in tune with what should be a maintainer in the 21st century economy that we live for; if not, why did we come to the 21st century?

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