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Lighthouses of industrial digital transformation

Written by: Dianny Niño, editor of Reportero Industrial magazine

4.0 technologies that support business and commercial objectives will be a requirement to turn companies into industry-leading digital organizations. Are you ready to embrace disruption and capture new opportunities?

The global manufacturing industry has lagged behind in adopting the manufacturing technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with more than 70% of companies stuck in pilot phases of development, we are called to go beyond the initiative and make a conscious and consistent digital adaptation and transformation that will lead companies to receive the real, operational and economic benefits of this.

We are living a crucial moment where, in the wake of the pandemic and the logistical impact, it became clear that global production had been highly concentrated in a few places. One of the lessons of the new normal will be the ability to guarantee a constant supply to consumers. This is where Latin America is called to be a global player in production, addressing the creation of regional value chains, the new trends of nearshoring and the entry into new markets through digital platforms. These new opportunities will require a change in the development strategies of companies.

For Mexico, for example, in the case of manufacturing companies that contribute between 15% and 18% of GDP (global gross domestic product), the Digital Transformation is very relevant to remain competitive in a globalized world. The industries of this nation are in competition against a global manufacturing ecosystem, i.e. China, USA, Europe, so manufacturing is and should continue to be of excellence, and simultaneously cost-effective.

In a global landscape, there are leaders who, with the adoption of technologies and a transformation of the business model, become benchmarks. These leaders are willing to share their learning and generate a community so that others can see the way forward from their case studies and practices. This has been achieved thanks to the World Economic Forum (WEF) initiative. This initiative, which, seeing all industrialists from the same boat, with the same objective, makes visible the work of these leading factories that become global Lighthouses.

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Thus was born the platform "Shaping the Future of Advanced Manufacturing and Production", which has created the Global Lighthouse Network. Calling themselves "lighthouses" since these objects have always occupied a prominent place in the history of maritime tradition, aiding navigation and serving as guides, ensuring crucial access for commercial and industrial growth in untapped territory. When WEF began the initiative, in 2018 in collaboration with McKinsey & Company, leading manufacturers were illuminating the possibilities ahead for the future of the industry. That's how this community of manufacturers is showing leadership in using Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to transform factories, value chains and business models, and achieve compelling financial and operational returns.

Breaking down Digital Transformation

For Argenis Bauza, lead partner of Digital Lighthouse in Mexico and Central America to KPMG, this term could be seen in its two components "transformation is the evolution of an organization to achieve new strategic objectives, or to adapt to changing external environments. The term digital reflects the world we live in today. One in which there is constant innovation, combined with permanent access to large amounts of data, which can be used for better decision making. So, digital transformation is the evolution of business transformation. A transformation that benefits from advances in technology because we now live in a digital world. Organizations can innovate and create value in entirely new ways to build a sustainable competitive advantage."

Organizations are generating investments and bets of transformation, however the complexity of the organizations, from personnel management, decision making, competitive environment, the inclusion of one or other technologies, are aspects to be taken into account during the process and pose significant challenges when starting in this.

For Bauza, an expert in transformation and operations consulting, there are challenges, some of them, unprecedented, such as:

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